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The Landquip Condor mounted sprayer is a great alternative to the traditional forward folding ‘gullwing’ boom. The Condor mounted sprayer has a rear narrow 2.5 metre folding boom which folds away behind the tank making the whole sprayer more compact and also allowing faster transport speeds. The Condor shares a tank and other components with the Landquip Cropmaster mounted sprayer making spares readily available. Those tank sizes range from 1300 to 1900 litres. The Alu-light rear folding boom is available from 18 to 30 metres.

When used in combination with a Landquip Vision Front Tank a total capacity of 3800 litres can be reached while maintaining good weight distribution.

1600 litre Condor

Vision 1500 litre                                                       Condor 1600 litre - 24 metre

Key features:

  • 1300, 1600 or 1900 litre Polyethylene tank for easy and thorough rinsing
  • 18-30m Alu-light rear folding boom
  • Narrow 2.5 metre transport width
  • 190 litre fresh water tank
  • 15 litre handwash tank
  • 210 or 300 l/min piston diaphragm pump
  • 25 litre stainless steel chemical bowl
  • Electronic spray rate controller
  • Liquid fertiliser ready
  • Operator friendly
Condor 24m Boom

           Condor 1600 litre - 24 metre                                           Vision 1500 litre  

Condor plus Vision front tank

    Condor 1900 litre - 30 metre                                                           Vision 1900 litre  

Condor 1600 + Vision 1900

 Vision 1900 litre                     Condor 1600 litre - 24 metre  VPA 

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