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Retro-Fit Booms

We offer a retro-fit service to upgrade your present sprayer with 18 to 48 metre aluminium booms, either factory fitted or supplied in kit form for on farm installation.

Clayton before retro-fit

Above: Before -  Chassis and wheels blasted and repainted prior to fitting new Demount

Below: After - Complete refurbished machine with new 3200 litre cylindrical tank and new 14/28 metre heavy duty Contractor Boom.

Clayton after retro-fit
Multidrive retro-fit

This Multidrive rig started life with a 24 metre boom.  Following a complete demount rebuild by Landquip, a set of 36 metre tri-fold booms were fitted.  Wrights Agricultural Contracting now use 2 Landquip 36 metre Demounts.

Multidrive retro-fit
Sands retro-fit

This Sands started life with a 24 metre steel boom.  Fitted with this new compact
24/32 metre tri-fold aluminium boom the machine weighs only 10 kg more

Sands retro-fit
Sands retro-fit

This Sands started life as a 24 metre machine.  Following a retro-fit of 36 metre aluminium booms the machine remained exactly the same weight !

Sands retro-fit
Sands retro-fit

Landquip specializes in building bespoke one-off high volume sprayers for the application of fertiliser at up to 36 metres using bi-fold or tri-fold aluminium booms that are fertiliser and acid resistant.  Landquip has customers covering up to 17,000 hectares per annum using these machines for suspension, nitrogen fertiliser applications using Umbrella jets, and chemical applications making these truly versatile application machines

MB Trac FC retro-fit
Cleanacres Atlas retro-fit + AirTec

14/24 metre heavy duty Contractor boom equipped with AirTec

Gem retro-fit

14/28 metre heavy duty Contractor boom

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